The dust of the desert has already settled... However, it is still difficult for us to cool down our emotions after The Hotel Show Dubai. This year, as one of 11 Pomeranian companies, we had the pleasure to present ourselves at this exclusive event. From May 31 to June 2, visitors to the fair could see UMMO lighting. During this time, we made many great friends, had dozens of fascinating conversations, and above all, we caught our breath after the pandemic isolation. Especially for you, we have prepared a detailed report from The Hotel Show in Dubai with photos. Catch it!



Pomeranian representation at The Hotel Show Dubai


A few words of introduction about The Hotel Show in Dubai. This event is the largest and most prestigious event in the hospitality industry, construction and equipment of hotel facilities, which takes place in the Middle East. This year, Poland was granted the status of a partner country of The Hotel Show Dubai. The cooperation is aimed at strengthening business relations between Poland and the United Arab Emirates.



Every year, distributors, developers, architects, hotel owners and managers from around the world meet at the Dubai fair to learn about various types of solutions for hotels and SPA. Among the stands we will find comprehensive equipment, i.e. furniture, lighting, floors, decorations, ceramics. There are also exhibitors at the fair, proposing projects, constructions and even software.



In this year's edition, thanks to the support of the Pomerania Development Agency, we could proudly represent our region. In addition to the UMMO brand, the following companies took part in The Hotel Show Dubai 2021: Pasion Meble, Luvt, Sterillab, Proteh Glassdeep, Baranska Design, Polaszek meble, Luvt, WentLux, FitnessWell, Jakusz, Art-Meta.



Impressions from The Hotel Show in Dubai


The Hotel Show Dubai 2021 was relatively small compared to the momentum and wealth with which the capital of the United Arab Emirates greeted us. However, it was not the size that mattered, but the content - there was no lack of it. The UMMO stand attracted so much interest that we walked around the entire fair quite briefly. We were surprised by the dynamics of Dubai itself, its modernity and the pace at which it is growing. It was great to meet so many new people and exchange ideas with them. Due to the lockdown, we have almost forgotten how to immerse ourselves in a different culture for a while. But also to sweat in 50 degree heat ... Polish summer, however, treats us more kindly :)



Dubai is a city full of possibilities, ultra-modern design, which also draws on local traditions, creating a unique atmosphere. It is in vain to look for damaged and neglected spaces here. To be honest, we felt a bit like in Disneyland. Everything seemed so beautiful as to be unreal. The fair showed us what openness is - people from different parts of the world meet in one place. There were also familiar faces from Poland. Pandemic meant that for the first time in a long time we had the opportunity to talk - it was funny that in such a distant place. We were happy to exchange experiences and insights with industry colleagues.



Fantastic reception of the UMMO brand in Dubai


The feedback we received about UMMO lamps reassured us that we were on the right path. We even received congratulations from the competition :) Despite the simple forms and economical colors, our lighting was very much appreciated by the participants of the fair. UMMO lamps were a great counterbalance to the glamor and decorativeness that dominate Dubai. However, there are many places where minimalist UMMO lamps fit perfectly. Including the hotel where we stayed during the event. The abundance of warm words received at The Hotel Show Dubai fair gave us wind in our sails and motivated us even more to further development.



One stand for so many companies from Pomerania turned out to be quite a challenge. Despite the crowding, and thus considerable confusion, visitors willingly stayed with us for longer. As a result, catalogs disappeared like hotcakes.



Further plans


The Hotel Dubai Show certainly encouraged us to enter the Middle East market and to participate in other foreign fairs. We believe that it is worth promoting Polish brands on the international arena. We are a small part of the market, but as it turns out, a very important one. For now, we're looking closer, so we're moving on to conquer Europe. What will this result in? We hope to share good news with you soon.



Meanwhile, at the end of October you will meet the UMMO brand at the Warsaw Home fair. There we will present a new collection of lamps and some well-known models in a new version. See you!